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The Confident Therapist: Courage to be You in a Clinical World of Systems and Modalities 

CEUs:2 Contact Hours
Cost:$10 (PBA Students), $15 (members), or $20 (non-members)

What is confidence? How do we get it? As clinicians we earn our degrees and launch into our specializations, but we often lack an internal “sense” of competence & confidence. Our clients deserve to walk away from our services thinking “This person gets me & they know what they are doing. I feel safe with them.” Your confidence matters.  If you are confident others will see that and they’ll want to put their confidence in you.

Our industry does not need more “clones.” It needs more clinicians who are alive, on fire, and utilizing our gifts at a maximum capacity. The confident therapist isn’t the one who has it all figured out: he/she is the one who is willing to trust themselves and operate under their God-given assignment with humility and courage.

 Presenter(s):Jonathan Rios, LMHC


Effective Practices When Counseling in a Virtual Format

CEUs:2.5 Contact Hours
Cost:$10 (PBA Students), $29 (members), or $39 (non-members)
Description:  Most of us have been trained how to provide counseling in a face-to-face setting.  Yet COVID has required us to provide counseling virtually, and it may feel unnatural and less personal when providing counseling in such a format.  Our presenter has been providing counseling in this format (by choice) for several years.  She shares the things she has found to be most effective when counseling virtually.
 Presenter(s):Sarah Serrano, LCSW

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