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Mary's Home Saving Lives, Two at a Time (Job Posting)

  • Sunday, September 05, 2021
  • 8:00 AM
  • Friday, December 31, 2021
  • 5:00 PM
  • To apply: Please send your resume and cover letter to alean@maryshome.org


Position: Executive Director                                 

Pay Status: Full-time

Reports to: Mary’s Home Board President                           

Salary Range: $60/k to $70/k


Mission: To provide a transitional, caring, educational, spiritual and supportive housing evnironment for pregnant women and their babies offering a pathway to self-sufficiency and a life of dignity and respect.

Values:  Mary’s Home respects life in all stages of growth, and nurtures, protects and improves the lives of both mother and child.  We foster Judeo-Christian spirituality.  We create an environment of respect, appreciation and teamwork for our employees and volunteers.  Mary’s Home is a prudent steward of its resources and strives to be a responsible member of the community. 


Gives direction and leadership toward the achievement of the organization's philosophy, mission, strategy, and its goals and objectives. Serves as the organization’s chief executive officer. Consults regularly with the board president and reports directly to the board through him/her. Responsible for the operation of all programs, management of fiscal resources, hiring and staff supervision. Provides and maintains a high level of quality services and a strong, positive image to clients, donors, partners and volunteers.

Responsibilities in the following areas: including but not limited to:

Board Support 

  • Supports the mission, vision and values, of Mary’s Home with board direction and guidance.
  • Evaluates programs and maintains policies and procedures for the day-to-day operations of the facility and recommends improvements and changes to the board as needed.
  • Executes sound financial practices, provides key input for and operates within the annual budget approved by the board.
  • Assures that Mary’s Home complies with all federal, state and local statutes and regulations. The Executive Director is encouraged to use the resources available from the board as she/he deems necessary.
  • Responsible for communicating effectively with the board and provides all information necessary for the board to function properly and to make informed decisions in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Serves on board committees as a member or advisory role and performs other duties as directed by the board president.

Resident Program/Operations

  • Responsible for the day-to-day operations of Mary’s home, a residential group home while ensuring a safe working and living environment at all times for residents, their babies, staff and volunteers.
  • Plans, develops, and supervises Mary’s Home’s operations, and has final approval on new resident intakes as well as residents being asked to exit the program before completion.
  • Collaborates with Resident Program Director on clinical needs of residents, as needed.
  • Responsible for overseeing our Women-In-Transition (WIT) program.
  • Leads a team of 9 staff members. 
  • Manages all HR actions for the staff, including but not limited to: hiring, job descriptions, performance reviews, salary and terminations in consultation with the board president and appropriate board members.

Fundraising/Public Relations

  • Leads in fundraising plans and implementation, particularly grants, special events and capital campaigns. Oversees management of fundraising records and documentation.
  • Responsible for building key relationships to maintain current donor pool and cultivating relationships with the next generation of donors.
  • Responsible for the enhancement of Mary’s Home’s image by being active and visible in the community by working closely with other professional, civic and private organizations.
  • Serves as chief spokesperson and coordinates all public relations via media events and resource networking and utilizing staff in the process.
  • Exhibits a professional attitude, communication skills and personal interaction towards residents, staff and volunteers.

Professional Development

  • Attends at least one professional fundraising development course annually.
  • Utilize resources and training provided by membership in Heartbeat International.


  • Bachelor’s degree required (Master’s preferred) in an appropriate social services field (i.e. psychology, human services, or social work) OR,
  • Bachelor’s degree (Master’s preferred) in business management and a minimum of 5 years of related experience in a social service environment working directly with an at-risk population preferably in a group setting OR,
  • Master’s in educational leadership and a minimum of five years of related experience in a social service environment working directly with an at-risk population preferably in a group setting.


  • Ability to lead others and establish a culture of trust, teamwork, empowerment and strong work ethic.
  • Demonstrated skills in fiscal, operational, personnel and general management. 
  • Fluency in technology and systems to support an effective and efficient business operation, (e.g., Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint).
  • Positive attitude and commitment to change the lives of pregnant women and their infants through empowerment and mentoring.
  • Demonstrated capability to effectively communicate orally and in writing.
  • Ability to work well with a diverse group of residents, staff, donors and volunteers.
  • Ability to effectively manage a wide array of tasks, projects and responsibilities.
  • Ability to work productively in an unstructured environment with frequent interruptions.

To apply: Please send your resume and cover letter to alean@maryshome.org

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