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    Interesting Sayings

    "We gain the strength of the temptation we resist."


    "Remember that the most valuable antiques are dear old friends."


    "True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating things new."


    "I believe that a simple and unassuming manner of life is best for everyone, best both for the body and the mind."


    “Some things you will think of yourself,...some things God will put into your mind”


    Lights On During Sleep Can Play Havoc with Metabolism

    Although many people leave a very dim light on during the night for safety purposes, apparently having brighter lights on during the night can be medically disruptive in numerous ways. See article for details.

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    Sleep Experts Warn of Permanent Daylight Saving Time Risks

    As you may have heard, last week the Senate voted to end the ritual of switching back and forth between Daylight Savings Time and Standard Time each year. We do not know what the House will do. This article discusses some of the arguments against switching to Daylight Savings Time on a permanent basis. As you may remember if you are older, back in the 1970s we also tried that switch because of an energy crisis, and there was such a negative response from Americans (e.g., it was still dark in some parts of the country until 8 a.m.) that the country switched back to the alternating method we have today. 

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    Effect of Medical Marijuana Card Ownership on Pain, Insomnia, and Affective Disorder Symptoms in Adults: A Randomized Clinical Trial 

    Several states are allowing individuals to apply for and receive medical marijuana cards to help them with reported anxiety, depression, pain, or sleep disorders. This study involved 186 adults, who were randomized to either get an immediate medical marijuana card or a delayed card. It was found that acquisition of the card was associated with increased incidence and severity of cannabis use disorder. It did not result in improvement regarding pain, anxiety, or depression. It did result in self-reported improvement of sleep quality.

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    How Long Should It Take to Grieve? Psychiatry Has Come Up With an Answer.

    The revision of the DSM-5 now contains a new diagnosis about which there has been much debate. (Since this is a New York Times article I’ll give a little more content.) Prolonged Grief Disorder has been added. Detractors have long argued that grief is a normal human process and should not be pathologized. Proponents of the diagnosis point to examples of clients who never seem to recover from the loss of a spouse, child, or some other loved one, who continue to grieve years after the person passed. This new diagnosis allows these people to receive treatment for whatever is prolonging their grief response.

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    Model Suffers Extreme Muscle Pain After Becoming Addicted to Vaping as a Teen, Now Warns Others

    Although it has not been proven that this person’s extreme pain is related to her vaping addiction, because of the other symptoms she describes the article could serve as a warning of the dangers of becoming involved in vaping.

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    4 Reasons Saying “No” to Self-Fueling Mania Leads to a Happier Life

    For people with bipolar disorder, the manic periods feel so good (especially when compared to the depressed periods, which are often longer and more frequent). But after living with bipolar disorder for several years, and with the experience and perspective she has gained, she now gives reasons why she doesn’t do things that she knows will lead to another manic episode.

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    Yikes, I’m Attracted to My Client

    This article, from the Psychotherapy Networker, describes a question from a therapist who finds she is romantically attracted to her client, and then five responses from five different therapists, who give quite different responses to how she should handle the situation.

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    Pop star-turned-Christian journalist reveals escape from witchcraft and finding salvation

    Some people believe the evil supernatural world does not exist. Here is the testimony of a person who was raised in that environment and was delivered from it.

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    I’m a hospice nurse and these are the top four regrets people have before they die

    The top four were: 

    “Not appreciating their health.

    “Not appreciating being alive, the little things.

    “Working their life away.

    “And not spending more time with family.”

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     Demand for This Toad’s Psychedelic Toxin Is Booming. Some Warn That’s Bad for the Toad.

    In case you didn’t think the world could get any weirder, think again. This article is from the New York Times, so you may not be able to download it, and in case you can’t, I don’t think you’re missing much that’s important. There is now a new psychedelic, which can be procured by tickling a Sonoran desert toad under its neck, which causes it to expel a liquid which is dried and then smoked to get high. The toad is found only in the southwestern United States and Mexico and is now in such demand that there is a danger that the species may soon be extinct. In case you really want to learn more, here is the web address for the article.

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    20 Unexpected Signs of Bipolar Depression

    This is another good article by Julie Fast, a writer who has bipolar disorder and has some very good insights about this disorder. She says that bipolar depression comes in two types, the traditional depressive episodes, and an angry and irritable depression. If you work with bipolar clients or with the spouses of bipolar clients, I highly recommend you read this article.

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    A Steelworker Gains Grit & Strength to Manage Her Bipolar

    Working in a steel mill, with its shift work, shifting sleep-wake schedule, and mandatory overtime, sounds like a recipe for disaster for someone with bipolar disorder. This plucky female is a great example of someone with bipolar disorder who has learned how to manage it successfully.

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    One Drink a Day May Change the Brain

    Drinking Linked to Higher Neuro Disorder Risk

    Alcohol, BMI Tied to Neurodegenerative Disease

    Neuropathy From Diabetes and Alcohol Is Alike


    Most Americans Are Unaware Alcohol Causes Cancer

    No Amount of Alcohol Safe for the Heart

    Migraine: How Alcohol, Coffee, and Smoking Affect It

    All of these are individual articles on Medscape Psychiatry today. I’m not going to download and read all of them, but I think the message is coming through loud and clear that alcohol is not a safe substance.

    Maryland bill allows killing babies up to 1 month after birth

    This bill has only been proposed, and has not been passed, but it shows the lengths pro-abortionists will take if Roe v. Wade is overturned.

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    Holistic Approaches to Solving Addiction

    Interesting article that describes some approaches to reducing addictions that may be new to you and may be helpful in working with some of your clients.

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    Immediate and Sustained Outcomes and Moderators Associated With Metacognitive Training for Psychosis: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

    A meta-analysis of 43 studies of metacognitive training with individuals with schizophrenia or related psychotic disorders found that metacognitive training “(MCT) was associated with reduced delusions, hallucinations, and cognitive biases. Metacognitive training was also associated with reduced negative symptoms and improved self-esteem and functioning.” So if you work with this population you may want to study this therapy and integrate it into your practice.

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    Medicare Proposes Limited Coverage of Controversial New Alzheimer’s Drug

    Aduhelm is the first new drug for Alzheimer’s approved by the FDA in several years. However, Medicare is considering restricting Medicare payments to those enrolled in clinical trials. This is probably in part caused by cost ($28,000.00 per year), but for other reasons as well. Aduhelm has been shown to reduce the amyloid plaques associated with Alzheimer’s: at this time it has not been shown that reducing the buildup of plaques reduces the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s. There are also some risks associated with it—dizziness, falls, and bleeding in the brain. This decision about funding won’t be finalized until April 11, but for those who would like to try it and have the cost covered by Medicare, they’ll need to enroll in a clinical trial. 

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    Driving with ADHD: Pumping the Brakes on Vehicle Safety Risks

    We know that teens with ADHD have an increased risk of car accidents when compared with teens who  do not have ADHD. These researchers created a driving simulator that was specifically designed to study the effects of ADHD on driving. If you’re counseling teens with ADHD or their parents this is a worthwhile article to read.

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    Have a wonderful week!

    Henry Virkler

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