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    Thoughtful Quotes

    Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.

    Eckhart Tolle

    ''By working faithfully eight hours a day, you may eventually get to be boss and work twelve hours a day.''


    The moment we choose to love we begin to move towards freedom, to act in ways that liberate.

    bell hooks

    "To give without any reward, or any notice, has a special quality of its own."


    “Moral excellence comes about as a result of habit. We become just by doing just acts, temperate by doing temperate acts, brave by doing brave acts.”


    Interesting Facts (from

    “No animal on Earth travels quite like the eastern monarch butterfly. Its journey begins in the early days of spring on a few mountains in central Mexico. Millions of the monarchs (Danaus plexippus plexippus) fill the branches of oyamel firs, and as the temperature warms up, they soak in the sun and begin their epic journey northward — a 3,000-mile trip that looks more like a bird’s migration than an insect’s. 

    “But it’s not only the miles that make the butterfly’s journey so remarkable — it’s also the means. A typical monarch butterfly lives for only about four weeks, not nearly long enough to complete the journey to the northern U.S. and Canada. So the migration becomes a multi-generational one. In a typical year, it will take four generations for monarch butterflies to finish the seasonal quest their great-grandparents started. To return south in the fall, a “super generation” — also known as the Methuselah generation (after the long-lived biblical patriarch) because it can live eight times longer than its ancestors — will travel 50 miles a day by riding thermal currents southward before finally resting in the same oyamel firs in central Mexico.”

    Did you know our bodies contain 60,000 miles of blood vessels?

    How to Escape the Rut of Discontentment

    You may occasionally have a client who struggles with this issue and asks you to help them deal with it. Here is an interesting article from Randy Alcorn that may be helpful.

    Click here to read full article. 

    Bipolar Disorder & Too Depressed to Shower

    People with bipolar disorder often say that depressed phases are the toughest to deal with. This author uses humor to cope with his depressed moods. You don’t need to watch the video: it says the same thing as the text, which is quite entertaining. 

    Click here to read full article. 

    California Bill Barring Docs From Telling COVID Lies Signed Into Law

    Although I try to minimize including articles that are primarily political rather than counseling-related, I thought it relevant to include this law, the first in the nation, on this trend. The article includes statements from both proponents and opponents of the law. One of the practical issues is that many of the original proclamations from the CDC have been proven wrong, and that some of the physicians who were suggesting other viewpoints have turned out to be correct. If laws like this were to be developed in the area of counseling, then it is possible that only one viewpoint (the view that was most politically-correct at that point in time) would be deemed sound, and other viewpoints could be censured and licensed counselors could be in danger of losing their licenses. [Only days after the law was passed, one lawsuit has already been filed by doctors in California.] 

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    Hearing on Dr. Nass Suspension Set for Oct. 11 After Maine Medical Board Withdraws ‘Misinformation’ Allegations

    This article gives us a glimpse into the problems with the California law above. The Maine licensing board had suspended Dr. Nass’s license to practice medicine (after 40 years of medical practice) based on accusations that she was spreading misinformation to her patients, although a cardinal rule in American jurisprudence is that a person is presumed innocent until they have been proven guilty. Even before the hearing the board has withdrawn several of the accusations it had given for suspending her license. In a situation where we have a new disease and many preliminary theories which turn out in light of later information to be wrong, it seems unwise to me to be suspending licenses based on whatever the latest politically-correct thinking is. 

    Click here to read full article. 

    Unexpected Signs of Mania to Watch Out For

    After a person has experienced a long bipolar episode of depression, it may be difficult to discern whether they’re entering a period of recovery or experiencing the beginning of a manic state. This brief article gives some helpful signs (mostly from people who have bipolar disorder themselves) to know which is happening. 

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    How Suffering Can Work for You

    This article, by a counselor and interfaith minister, might be helpful to some people. 

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    The Truth about Christopher Columbus

    Depending on who you talk to, Christopher Columbus can be seen as either a courageous explorer or a villain. Here’s an informative five-minute video that gives a balanced picture of this man. 

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    Do You Sometimes Wake Up in the Morning and Don’t Know What Day It Is?

    See cute picture from Ginny Sale’s facebook page. 

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    Great American Family unveils lineup of 18 holiday movies starting Oct. 21

    If you’re not aware of the Great American Family channel it is something that started after Hallmark began to air shows that some Christians were unhappy with. This article will tell you more. 

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    Although COVID temporarily caused people to become more isolated, this was a short period. During the pandemic gonorrhea increased its presence. It is particularly serious because one-half the people who contract it are asymptomatic, and so may continue to spread it to partners unknowingly. Equally seriously, some strains of gonorrhea are appearing that are not treatable by any known medications. Fortunately these strains are not in the U.S. yet, but undoubtedly it is only a matter of time until they come here. 

    Click here to read full article. 

    For more updated information, see this article. 

    Nurse Protests Her Firing Over Refusal to Take Implicit Bias Training

    Although this happened in the medical field, the article includes a term that we probably need to become familiar with. Implicit bias training means that you are assumed to be racist and provide inferior treatment to those who are not white. This nurse said that she had provided care to patients for 39 years and her care for non-white patients was no different than the care she provided for those who were white. Even though she applied to her supervisors to be exempt from the training she was fired from her job and has not been able to find alternative employment. 

    Click here to read full article. 

    Unmasking Men’s Emotions & Mental Health

    This writer is talking about a common problem for men—the fact that we are socialized  to not accept or share our emotions, and the benefit of learning to do this. While he also has bipolar disorder and the habit of pushing down his emotions eventually led to his hospitalization, I think his article could speak to any male client who has grown up with these same socialization messages. 

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    Migraines and ADHD: The Overlooked Connection to Headaches

    This is not frequently talked about, but people with ADHD are more likely to experience headaches, including migraines, than those who do not have ADHD. This article describes several important facts about this connection. 

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    World’s Largest Kindness Study Suggests Pandemic Has Made People Kinder

    This brief article is worth taking a moment to read. It has some interesting insights and a link to a more complete explanation of the results. 

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    COVID-19 can increase your risk of developing 44 neurological disorders, including Alzheimer’s, new study suggests

    Probably none of us wanted to hear this, but here is one of the latest studies on the impact of COVID-19 on people. 

    Click here to read full article. 

    High School Girls Explain Why They’re Uncomfortable Having a Biological Male in Their Locker Room

    One would think this topic needs no explanation but incredibly, it’s the girls who are in danger of punishment for speaking out. If you’re interested, the girls explain very clearly their position and say they have no hostility toward the transgender student—they simply are expressing their discomfort of having him present in their locker room when they are changing.

    Click here to read full article. 

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    Henry Virkler

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