Basic Issues in Christian Counseling by Dr. Henry Virkler 

In the following article I’d like to touch on three issues related to Christian counseling. The first clarifies some of the differences between those who call themselves biblical counselors and those who call themselves Christian counselors. The second is the question of whether a Christian who is living a life of faith and not involved in sin should ever need counseling. The third is an examination of some of the reasons that Christians seek counseling. 


Broken World Christians by Dr. Henry Virkler

Gordon MacDonald describes "broken-world persons" as those who are suffering from self-inflicted wounds--what have been variously called mistakes, errors, bad judgments, misbehavior, or sin. In his book Rebuilding Your Broken World he develops a proposed method for counseling such persons. The following article presents a summary and analysis of his method. 


Trauma and the Brain by H. Norman Wright 


The Simple Scoop on Boundaries by Henry Cloud, Ph.D.

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